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IP Command in Linux

Part of Linux Commands Cheat Sheet

The ip command is a Linux net-tool for system and network administrators. IP stands for Internet Protocol and as the name suggests, the tool is used for configuring network interfaces.


There are so many objects so we can't talk all of them, here is some of the most important objects:

Display and modify network interfaces.

ip link
ip l
ip l show
# show a specific interface
ip l show lo


Display and modify protocol addresses (IP, IPv6).

ip address
ip addr
ip a
ip a show
# show a specific interface
ip a show lo


Display and alter the routing table.

ip route
ip r
ip r list
# list with selector
ip r list


Display and manipulate neighbor objects (ARP table).

ip neigh
ip n
ip n show


Linux IP Command Ultimate Tutorial with 31 Examples

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