Category: Tech - Networking
02 Sep 22 15:43 +0000

The ip command is a Linux net-tool for system and network administrators. IP stands for Internet Protocol and as the name suggests, the tool is used for configuring network interfaces.

01 Sep 22 16:38 +0000

Traceroute uses ICMP’s Ping command to find out how many different devices are between the computer initiating the traceroute and the target.

18 Dec 20 16:48 +0000

我在两台香港服务器上部署好 Kubernetes 集群后解析 Telegram, Google 等墙外服务 DNS 出现异常,有很大概率受到 DNS 污染,但是在宿主机上没有任何受到影响,那么问题到底出在哪里呢?